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Virtual Open Day for ARU Peterborough - and how PM is involved!

Next year promises to be an exciting one for further education in our city with the opening of ARU Peterborough in September 2022.
Artist's impression of how the university will look

And we at Peterborough Matters are proud to announce that we will be highlighting much of what the new university will be offering, through a series of interesting pieces over the next few months.

We'll also be looking at the importance of education and striving to achieve - and what a thrill it can be to #bethefirst

ARU Peterborough is a new £30m university for Peterborough. It's set to open its doors to 2,000 students in 2022, with an ambition to offer university courses for up to 12,500 by 2030.

It will provide a practical solution to the problem of low employment and skills levels across Peterborough, aiming to boost the skills and employability of students.

And there was also recently good news from the chancellor in the shape of a successful £20m bid to central government for a Living Lab, which will combine additional teaching facilities at the campus,with the development of a new university quarter cultural hub within a second building at ARU Peterborough.

The Living Lab will be managed by the university, and is expected to combine learning with an interactive public science facility. It is hoped that this would help the city centre become a more attractive destination for residents, businesses and visitors. 

If you would like to find out more about studying at ARU Peterborough there is a virtual open day early next year, on January 8, from 10am to 1pm.

On the day you'll be able to:

  • Watch a Q&A with Professor Ross Renton, Principal ARU Peterborough
  • Chat with a lecturers to discover more about your course.
  • Hear talks on student life, finance and get tips for writing your personal statement.
  • Find out more about the accommodation options.
  • Ask your questions via the UniBuddy online chat

Sign up here:

And to find out more about the university - and enjoy a fly-through of ARU Peterborough - click here