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Area-by-area breakdown of Peterborough Covid-19 cases

New Covid cases have doubled in North Bretton, Longthorpe, Fletton and the city centre.
Coronavirus case numbers are rising across the city (Photo: Terry Harris)

The most new Covid-19 cases in the week to August 8 were recorded in West Town and Woodston, but the biggest rise compared to the week prior was reported in Peterborough Central.

All Peterborough Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) recorded more than 10 new cases, with more than 90% of them (21 out of 23) showing a rise in case numbers.

MSOAs are geographic units designed to improve the reporting of small area statistics in England and Wales, with an average of 7,000 people per MSOA. If you're unsure of which your local area falls under, see the Public Health England interactive map.

This MSOA data is based on addresses given at the point of testing to reflect the distribution of cases throughout the city.

Figures for Peterborough in the week to August 8 compared to those from August 1 are:

Area Number of new cases Rise/fall from last week
West Town and Woodston 75 Up 33 (78.6% rise)
Peterborough Central 68 Up 42 (161.5% rise)
Fengate and Parnwell 62 Up 28 (82.4% rise)
Hargate and Orton Longueville 62 Up 23 (59% rise)
Stanground 57 Up four (7.5% rise)
Central Park  56 Up 15 (36.6% rise)
Hampton Vale 53 Up five (10.4% rise)
Orton Malborne and Goldhay 51 Up 15 (41.7% rise)
Fletton 50 Up 26 (108.3% rise)
Yaxley and Farcet 50 Up 11 (28.2% rise)
Paston 49 Up eight (19.5% rise)
North Bretton and Westwood 45 Up 25 (125% rise)
Millfield and Bourges Boulevard 43 Up 10 (30.3% rise)
Werrington 35 Up 15 (75% rise)
Walton 34 Up 11 (47.8% rise)
Longthorpe and Netherton 33 Up 20 (153.8% rise)
Dogsthorpe 32 Up three (10.3% rise)
Newborough and Peakirk 32 Down two (5.9% fall)
Bretton Park 30 Up four (15.4% rise)
Orton West and Castor 26 Up five (23.8% rise)
Eye and Thorney 26 Up one (4% rise)
Barnack, Wittering and Wansford 21 Up one (5% rise)
Glinton, Northborough and Maxey 11 Down eight (42.1% fall)

Dr Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, said: “We are seeing an early sense of what living with Covid-19 looks like.

“As restrictions are lifted and the economy rebounds, we are ‘running hot’ when it comes to managing Covid spread.”

Peterborough residents are being encouraged to book a vaccine - or attend one of many walk-in clinics operating across the city - to reduce the spread of the virus.