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'Boy riders' cause nuisance in Orton

Youngsters in Orton Goldhay and Orton Malborne have been causing nuisance on bikes. Local councillor says 'confiscating the bikes is the only solution.'
Boys captured on bikes in the Orton area driving dangerously

Residents living in Orton Goldhay and Orton Malborne have been complaining of youngsters on bikes, causing nuisance.  

The boys were seen in the last few days, riding extremely loud bikes down on pavements, main road and residential streets, hurling abuse to people, when told off. 

Some residents said the noise was so loud, ‘you have to your finger in your ears, to escape it.’ 

Green Councillor for Orton Waterville Julie Howell  says she has been bringing this issue to the police’s notice for years now. 

She thinks the only solution is to take away the bikes.  

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Julie said: ““This is an ongoing issue. It's a group of young boys causing anti-social behaviour in the area. The riding loud bikes is causing great stress and anxiety to residents who are already on the edge because of coronavirus. They are bombing it down, doing wheelies, riding on pavements, being abusive and rude to residents. They just don’t care.  

“They are not taking the advice to stay at home seriously at all and are putting themselves and others at risk. I have been in touch with the police about this. I understand they are stretched for resources and can only prioritise so much. I was however, told by a resident earlier, that police came to speak to them today, but it meant nothing to them. They are at it again.  

“I think the only way to deal with them is to confiscate the bikes.” 

Cambridgshire Police said: "We are aware of reports of nuisance behaviour involving motorbikes being ridden antisocially by a group of young people in Orton Malborne and Orton Goldhay.

"To address the ongoing issue, patrols have been increased in the area by dedicated officers from the local neighbourhood policing team.

"We ask the public to continue to report any information they have about anti-social behaviour to us, specifically in this case any descriptions and registration plates of the bikes involved and descriptions of those riding them.

"The more information we have, the better picture we can build and the more efficient we can be at targeting those responsible. Anyone who experiences anti-social behaviour similar to the above is urged to report this online via or by calling 101.”