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Coronavirus advice now also available being given in different languages

Members of public are concerned that some of their neighbours, people in supermarkets they have met and generally around the city who don’t speak English are missing out on the information being given
Peterborough Guild Hall
Peterborough's Guild Hall

Earlier this week the Prime Minister announced a lockdown, asking people to stay at home and help stop the spread of the virus. Following this announcement people are only allowed to leave the house for certain reasons, including essential grocery shopping, medical needs or to help a vulnerable person. 

However, people are still meeting their friends and relatives, meeting up in the park and doing regular visits to supermarkets in groups around the city.

To make the advice more accessible and make sure it reaches as many residents as possible, the Government and local authorities have launched a multi-lingual information guide on the virus. 

Peterborough City Council said: “We have created this campaign page to provide local communities, organisations and services with coronavirus campaign materials. Please share these posters, videos, audio clips, and social media messages to encourage people to do the simple things to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

“These materials complement the Public Health England and NHS campaigns on coronavirus.” 

All the information and links to the multi-lingual videos and guidelines can be found on the website.

A local GP and Labour Councillor for East Ward, Dr Shabina Asad Qayyum, has also been sharing regular videos with advice and information regarding the virus. 

After receiving concerns of social distancing being ignored, she has added another video in the Urdu Language to reach certain communities across Peterborough. 

Yesterday evening police set up spot checks around the city, asking drivers where they were going and what the point of their journey was. Areas covered included the city Bretton, Walton, Werrington, Paston, Gunthorpe, New England, and Lincoln Road.

Cambs police reported that one motorist had a car full of people and the driver said he was going to Halfords to look at a new bike.