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Opening of Polish food kiosk delayed at Serpentine Green

Customers will have to wait a little longer for the new Pierogi Kiosk opening at Serpentine Green in Peterborough as the opening has been postponed until May. 
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Pierogi Kiosk coming to Serpentine Green, Peterborough in May (Photo: Shariqua Ahmed)

A new food Kiosk selling Polish and Eastern European cuisine is getting ready to trade at Serpentine Green in Hampton, Peterborough. 

Damian Wawrzniak is the chef and owner of House of Feasts in Eye, Peterborough and also runs a Pierogi kiosk on Bridge Street in the city centre, offering tradition Polish cuisine on the go.  

He is now launching a second kiosk at Serpentine Green in Hampton, that will be selling sandwiches with Eastern European flavours, tea, coffee, Polish breakfasts, dumplings and more. 

However, the kiosk was originally scheduled to open on April 12. 

Chef Damian has said, it will now open in May instead as they are waiting for some electrical works being carried out at Serpentine Green for the new business to finish. 

Damian said: “We are launching a new kiosk in Hampton in May. Same menu and same food. There is a big Eastern European community in Hampton as well. 

“The Bridge Street branch will remain - it's to expand our customer base." 

He is hopeful hospitality will bounce back after a challenging year last year as he looks to expand his business.  

He said: “I have to stay positive about the business. It has been a difficult year. I have no choice.  

“Hopefully, hard work pays off. If the third set up of mine is settled and running okay, I look to expand further and possibly into other cities.  

“I am however looking for more staff - I need staff for both my kiosks and the restaurants so if anyone is interested, please get in touch.” 

The popular chef is also getting his ‘al-fresco’ dining arrangements ready at the House of Feasts in time to reopen as lockdown is eased on April 12.