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Homeschool assignment for the day: March 26

Gladstone Primary Academy have shared some of their home-school assignments with us so that we can share them with you. Today's lesson is English.
Today's lesson is English

Key Stage 1

Can you write all the letters in the ‘c’ family. Remember that they all start with the c shape and ‘curl around the caterpillar’.


Practise writing all the letters that have a descender. Remember to make sure that the descender goes through the line.



Key Stage 2

Write a set of instructions on how to play your favourite game. What are the rules? You are writing the instructions for someone who has never seen or played the game before. This can be a board game, card game or computer based game. Make sure you use imperative (bossy) verbs and clear instructions.

Watch the video up to 35 seconds here:

Describe the opening scene. What can you see? How does the setting make you feel? Make a prediction on what the story might be about.



A big thanks to Gladstone Primary Academy for sharing their assignments with us - look out for tomorrow's work too!