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Meet the man who is running the 'London Marathon' for Sue Ryder

Peterborough father Matthew Mahabadi will be running his own 'London Marathon' on October 4 - on the streets of Peterborough.
Peterborough resident Matthew Mahabadi is running a marathon in Peterborough for Sue Ryder Hospice (Picture: Mathew Mahabadi)

He is aiming to raise at least £400 for Sue Ryder hospice as a thank you for being so ‘amazing’ and being an integral part of the communities in the city. 

Keen runner Matthew was working as an account manager in Malta earlier this year and manage to return home to his family just before the lockdown hit in March.

As a result of the pandemic, Matthew's company couldn't keep him but he has since got a job at a local employer in Alconbury. Although, he has taken up running more seriously during the lockdown and has called it his ‘relaxation’.

A few weeks ago, he ran almost 15 miles, just over a half marathon. This he says has given him the motivation to run the whole marathon, which is 26.2 miles in distance.

This year's event in London which normally sees 40,000 runners taking part, has had to go ahead virtually due to the pandemic. This would have also been the 40th edition of the race.

Matthew tried to get entry to the online event but wasn't successful. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped Matthew from taking part here in his hometown for the noble cause. 

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, an excited Matthew said: “I have enjoyed running but got more into it during the lockdown. I have joined a running club; ‘joglot’ where we do social running. I got invited to join in and I felt honoured. 

“I started doing some long runs along with them as well. I did a half marathon a few weekends ago and that’s when I thought, if I can do this, I can run the full marathon and decided to give it a go. 

“When I decided to take part, I contacted Sue Ryder to see if they could get me an entry. It's quite hard to get one and unfortunately they couldn't. 

“I decided I am still going to do it for them. The next thing I knew Nilesh Patel from Sue Ryder Hospice contacted me to wish me luck and said they are backing me which was very encouraging.  So I'll be running the London Marathon unofficially from Petebrorough alongside official runners from my running club for Sue Ryder.

“I live in Netherton, which is around the hospice, and I know what it means to the local community in this area. I am so happy I am doing this for them- they do such an amazing job and I feel honoured to be running for them.” 

We asked him - how challenging is it to run these long distances? 

Matthew added: “I am looking forward to it but slightly nervous as well. My family is very excited they might come along and cheer for m. My mum is a bit nervous though, she is asking me to eat well and not take too much strain.  

“But I think you win half the battle with mental strength- half of it is in the mind. Obviously, it’s physically exhausting too but you see other people running and keep motivating each other to keep going. It should be fun. 

Mathew says it’s his dream to run in the London Marathon someday and hopes he gets the opportunity next year when life goes back to normality, hopefully. 

As a message to fellow Peterborians, Matthew said: “On Sunday, October 4, if you see anyone running around the city, don’t forget to cheer them on. They might be taking part in the marathon!"

You can show your support to him through his fundraiser as well and help him reach his target for the Sue Ryder Hospice here