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Door-to-door service returns, but free bulky waste collections still suspended

Peterborough City Council is resuming door-door bulky waste collections from September 21 - but free bulky waste collections organised by parish councils are still suspended due to the new rule banning social gatherings of more than six in England.
Door-door waste collections restarting from September 21, however, free bulky waste collections remain suspended at this time

The collections will be restarting with restrictions including a limit of five items per household and will be held on the designated black bin day. This means one half of the city will be done in the first week and the other half the week after.

The cost will be £23.50 and it is a simple and straightforward process to book. You can start booking slots from September 17 and the best number to do so is 01733 747474 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). Payment will be taken via your debit or credit card over the phone. 

Councillor Marco Cereste, cabinet member for waste, street scene and the environment welcomed this news, saying: "The service offers our residents a cost-effective way to get rid of their household waste and we can guarantee the waste will be disposed of correctly. 
"We have been eager to bring back this service for a while and I am delighted that procedures are now in place to start this again. We hope this, coupled with the household recycling centre, will make it easier for residents to dispose of their bulky household waste."

Although it's a positive update from the council, residents still feel let down by the continued suspension of the free bulky waste collections organised by parish councils. Some argue that the reasoning - that collections are suspended due to the banning of gatherings of more than six people - is poor, especially considering the rule allowing more than six when hunting with guns. Collecting waste is more important, say residents.

Bretton parish council has confirmed on social media that the service will not be going ahead, writing: "It is with regret that we inform you that this month's bulky waste will not be going ahead. Our service providers have confirmed that in light of the new social gathering restrictions it is not feasible to be holding the collections.  

"Please accept our apologies, we know this is a vital service and we are working hard with our service providers to return it as soon as possible. If anyone would like to discuss this please contact" 


Cllr Julie Howell, a Green Councillor for Orton Waterville said residents have expressed their 'disappointment' over the cancellation of the service once again, adding: “Residents had come to rely on the service as a means of getting rid of large quantities of waste too large for the black bins. The doorstep collection that the council provides is useful, but the charge of £23.50 only covers a few items. Residents can use the recycling centre at Fengate for free, but many do not have transport.”

“Some people have expressed concern that fly-tipping may increase. I trust our local residents not to fly-tip, but I’m worried that we may see an increase in people paying unlicensed rogue traders who fly-tip.”

“I think there’s a deeper issue here that we need to have a conversation about. We are all generating more household rubbish than the system can cope with. Although the bulky waste service is popular, I fear it is just putting a sticking plaster over a bigger problem, the problem that we all buy too much and want to get rid of it very quickly.

"At the bulky waste collections, we often see people throwing away children’s toys and bikes that have nothing wrong with them. This casual attitude towards waste has got to change and I would ask everyone to ask themselves if there is more they can do to help, such as buying things that are built to last, or repurposing things they no longer need. We can’t keep buying and throwing away garden fences, toys, tables, bathroom suites and other things at the rate that we do. The planet can’t cope (and nor can the council!).”

“During lockdown, many people have taken on home DIY projects. We all spend more time at home now and it is important to live in a calm, comforting and clutter-free environment. But when we redecorate, what happens to the old wallpaper and wooden shelves? They end up in landfill. We need to reverse this trend and redecorate with ten+ years of use in mind.”

Door-door waste collections by the council were suspended in March due to the pandemic staff challenges, with authorities prioritising the weekly household waste collections. Bulky waste collections organised by parish councils alongside Aragon services had to be halted as well due to social distancing measures. 

More details of the types of waste that can be disposed of can be found on the council’s website. It is important to note that the five items must only be from list A. Items on list B will need to be quoted separately.