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What can you do in Peterborough on April 12?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that Step 2 of the roadmap to easing lockdown will continue on April 12 as predicted.
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What can you do in Peterborough on April 12?

Following the announcement, various businesses were given the green-light to open their doors; something that workers and customers have been hoping for since the third national lockdown was announced in January. 

Social distancing remains in place, and the rule of six or two households meeting outdoors will continue, but what will reopen from April 12? 

Indoor leisure – including gyms!

In Peterborough, gyms closed prior to the third national lockdown due to the high Covid-19 rates through December; but they will now be able to welcome customers back in. Many gyms across the city had different rules in place, with Vivacity, now owned by Peterborough Limited, operating a booking system with a set number of people allowed in at any given time. If you haven't attended a gym since before they closed during the first lockdown, check their rules prior to your visit. 

Outdoor attractions

Many people, particularly parents who are looking for activities to fill up their weekends, will be very happy to hear that outdoor attractions can reopen from Monday. Zoos theme parks and drive-in cinemas are allowed to open; a drive-in event is currently planned at the East of England Arena for the same week. 

Libraries and community centres

A list hasn't been confirmed just yet regarding which libraries and community centres will open, and following the previous lockdown, there was a phased return, but they have been given the green-light by the government. Check in with your local library and stay up to date with their news and plans. 

Personal care premises

No more bald heads, shockingly bad roots or unruly locks going forward – hairdressers are coming back. This time, personal care is a new umbrella to address the beauty industry as a whole, who, during the first easing of restrictions, were left in the dark regarding their plans for weeks after hairdressers reopened. 

Most beauty services will now be able to operate and owners of salons who have been out of work for most of the last 12 months are now able to return to their beauty rooms and work on their customers. 

All retail

It has been a devastating year of closures for many retail businesses, and as many of you will know, Queensgate is certainly going to look different this year, particularly following the loss of John Lewis, Topshop, Topman, and many more. However, it is the first step to a return to normal life as shops prepare to reopen on April 12. 

Outdoor hospitality

Peterborough's Cafe Culture will officially begin from April 12, with outdoor hospitality, including beer gardens, given the green-light to reopen. Any premises with an outdoor space can serve customers and if not, Peterborough City Council is urging people to apply for a pavement licence. 

Indoor parent and child groups

This is limited to 15 people (excluding under 5s) but has been required by many parents since lockdown began. Interaction for young people and adults can go ahead from April 12, as can activities. 

Domestic overnight stays

Accommodation will be able to open but only for people living in the same household, the same rules apply for self-contained accommodation. 

Funerals and weddings

There is still a limit, but this has now increased to 15; there can be 30 people at a funeral, but weddings, wakes and receptions will be limited to 15 people only. 

During this time, travel must be minimised, no international holidays are allowed and the government plans to start event pilots in preparation for the next stages.