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'Cutting edge' Test Lab opens in Peterborough

A new laboratory in Peterborough will be dedicated to providing a range of decontamination tests to support healthcare and the local economy. 
Inivos launches Test labs in Peterborough (Picture: supplied)

Leading infection prevention and control company Inivos has launched Test Labs, a centre of excellence that will look specifically at testing and researching questions around infection prevention and control with particular focus around healthcare environment.

The aim is to provide healthcare providers with reassurance that their medical devices meet the required standards and are fit for decontamination against exposure to harmful contaminants, including the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen which causes COVID-19. 

The lab, based at Stirling Way, Bretton, is necessary because before the Covid pandemic hospitals might source products first, then consider how to decontaminate them, which is now no longer enough.

With the assistance of Test Labs, manufacturers can integrate decontamination into their product-development processes. That way, they can ensure that even newly launched products have proven compatibility with the main cleaning and decontamination technologies and come complete with ready-to-use decontamination protocols.  

Test Labs’ comprehensive range of services means that healthcare facilities, including The North West Anglican NHS Trust – who already use Inivos’ technology in their hospitals, including Peterborough City Hospital – can test the suitability of healthcare devices against the latest cleaning technologies, eliminating opportunities for patients to acquire infection. 

The launch coincides with the construction of the new £30m Peterborough Anglia Ruskin University and its ‘research super-hub’ designed to drive technological innovation that will transform knowledge-intensity of products, services, and jobs in the city.  

Tautvydas Karitonas, Head of Research and Development at Inivos, said: "The opening of our Test Labs is great news for the healthcare industry and local economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed a huge extra burden on both commercial and government testing facilities.  

“Yet manufacturers still need to test their products – including pandemic responses, which should always be a priority. No matter how high our standards were before, they now have to be higher than ever.   

“We’re thrilled that Test Labs can play a vital role and help hospitals to keep infection rates as low as possible, whilst providing budding scientists with practical insight and expertise into the sector. Science and innovation are at the heart of recovery from COVID-19 and this is an exciting step on the road back to ‘normal’.”   

Peterborough MP Paul Bristow, who attended the launch, said: “This really is cutting edge stuff, some of the technology and some of the equipment here is unique, not only here in the UK but also unique in Europe.

"What’s really impressed me is the innovation- the fact that we’re not just trying to create something that already exists; this is trying to find new solutions to new problems we’ve encountered.”