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Whitehall to Peterborough; 'Government Hub' coming to Fletton Quays

The drive towards moving around 1,000 civil servants into a new ‘Government hub’ at Fletton Quays will be recognised with a visit from a government minister next week.
Civil servants could be moved from London to Fletton Quays as a new 'Government hub' is being built for the city (Picture: Google maps)

In a previous announcement made by Cabinet Minister Michael Gove in which he said "parts of the civil service will be moved out of London to other English regions," to "bring decision making closer to the people." Chancellor Rishi Sunak had also said during his budget speech in March that 22,000 civil servants will be reshuffled around the country by 2030.

In October it was announced that Fletton Quays will provide space for about 1,000 government employees who will move into the building in 2021.

The passport office currently based on Northminster, Peterborough is getting ready to be moved to Fletton Quays next year, and now staff from other government or civil service departments including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Environment Agency, Natural England and Joint Nature Conservation will be joining them shortly. 

Earlier today at Westminster MP Paul Bristow, in his pitch for Peterborough, asked the government whether there is anywhere better than Peterborough, "which has a lot to offer and is only a 50-minute train journey from London", as a location for the hub as part of the civil servant move. 

His suggestion was welcomed and in-fact Cabinet Office Minister, MP Julia Lopez confirmed she will be visiting Fletton Quays for a 'ground-breaking ceremony' as one of the chosen sites for the hub around the country next week. She said her visit will "honour the government's commitments on the civil servants' move out of London." 

Talking to Peterborough Matters, Mr Bristow said: “This is great for Peterborough. It is a fantastic city with so much potential and excellent transport links.  

“It’s got so much going on including a bustling retail and hospitality sector and skilful population and a University on its way. So, it’s definitely a great location for a civil service move away from London. 

“It’s a right step forward in bringing high-paying jobs to the city with so much potential.” 

Peterborough Matters contacted Peterborough City Council for further clarity, and a spokesperson said they are working on the finer details around this development but will have more information for the public shortly. 

The MP has shared this news on his social media to which members of public have reacted positively, saying 'it's a great move for the city.'