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Covid admissions fall 94% since January at local hospitals

Weekly Covid-19 related hospital admissions have fallen by 94% compared to the last week in January, according to NHS England figures.
On March 30, there were 38 Covid patients in NWAFT hospitals, compared to 308 at the end of January (Photo: Terry Harris)

The most recent data shows that North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust (NWAFT) hospitals were treating 38 Covid patients as of March 30. On February 28, there were 128 coronavirus patients being treated at Trust hospitals; on January 28, the patient numbers peaked at 308.

Over the last full week of March at NWAFT hospitals, it is estimated there were only seven admissions of Covid-19 patients from the community.

Comparatively, 123 people were admitted in the week ending January 31. This is a fall of 94% over two months.

The most recent figures also show that the number of patients in mechanical ventilation beds has fallen to single figures for the first time since December 31.

The highest number of patients in NWAFT hospitals requiring mechanical ventilation beds was 25 on January 28. As of March 27, this number fell to nine and had dropped to eight by March 30.

On April 1 it was announced that 691 patients being cared for at the Trust had passed away since they began reporting Covid-related deaths. Of these, 220 passed away at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, and 471 at Peterborough City.

Chief executive of NWAFT Caroline Walker said: "All patients were aged 30 to 98 years old and the majority of those had pre-existing health conditions.

"Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patients' families and loved ones at this difficult time."

This announcement means that since March 8, nine people have passed away at Peterborough City Hospital due to Covid-19.