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Peterborough Letters: March 25

Stuart Tilney sent Peterborough Matters a letter yesterday about the way he thinks Peterborough has responded to the social distancing advice over the past few days.
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We have pretty much stood back from society as much as possible. Before the schools closed my wife who has a private music teaching business shut down, stopped attending the gym, and now keep in touch with online lessons for free. We keep busy in the small garden, and the weather has been kind so once we have a semi normal life we will not want for food and flowers, nor will our family and neighbours.

The actions of London's citizens is ignorant and shameful, but one of my neighbours just returned by taxi down Lincoln Road today at 2pm and said it was like the Millfield area was having a street party. Not much exclusion and isolation going on there... Shops open, large groups standing about chatting. An area to avoid I suggest.

This is going to be a long haul, not a five-day holiday. How does the government get the public to understand how truly infectious this invisible killer is. Most people around here are sensible, its always the ignorant, selfish, profiteering, stockpiling minority who will bring greater hardship on our community. Yesterday I watched my neighbour return from another 12-hour shift at the hospital, looking exhausted. Just along the road a car was emptying a month's shopping. Made me quite sad.

Stuart Tilney

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