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'Katie's Kitchen Table': A virtual space to support struggling people

Two Peterborough mums set up ‘Katie’s Kitchen Table’, an online space offering real-life support to those struggling to cope.

The lockdown restrictions have been hard on communities living in Peterborough, whose mental health has been affected due to the isolation and uncertainty the pandemic has brought with it. 

To help spread positivity and cheer, Katie Howard, supported by Jemma Schulze, have set up ‘Katie's’ Kitchen Table’, a weekly chat offering support and much-needed positivity to people in the city. 

Katie is a mother, teacher, food lover and advocate for mental health support. Whilst volunteering for Paston Farm Community Foundation, she launched a series of weekly videos providing home schooling support to parents.  

This weekly ‘chat’ highlighted the need for more support now more than ever and thus, Katie’s Kitchen Table was born. Katie’s goal was to bring the feeling of support and friendship into one space, just like when you’re around the kitchen table with your best mates.   

She developed her ideas with friend Jemma, who now works behind the scenes and alongside Katie. 

As a working mother, Katie also shares a personal perspective on current issues, and she has been described as, “real, relatable and just like one of your mates”. 

With features covering everything from education and mental health to haircare and fat pants, it’s a safe space for chat, advice and support. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are filled with interviews highlighting everyday life challenges and offering practical support. 

The duo said: “Picture this: It’s Friday night, the week has been long, the make-up is off, the wine is open, the crisps and dips are out and you’re surrounded by your favourite people, discussing the wins and fails of the week. Yes, this may feel like a distant memory, long gone are the days of socialising without once mentioning the word ‘bubble’.

"We miss those days just as much as you, which is why we’re welcoming you to Katie’s Kitchen Table, an online space for real-life support for your real-life dilemmas.” 

Going forward, Katie and Jemma hope to grow Katie’s Kitchen table from a virtual meeting place to a physical one, interviewing real life people about real life issues. They want to continue discussing and challenging  the issues that effect people from all walks of life and celebrate the successes, however big or small.  

They would love to run events, work with partners and just spread the message, that no one is alone and all are welcome at Katie’s Kitchen Table. 

You can get in touch with them here