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New 'dedicated' coronavirus test centre opening in mid-October

Coronavirus testing numbers are to be upped in Peterborough, with a centre opening in Mid-October and walk-in testing facilities returning for the regional population next month.
A new test centre is to open in Peterborough by mid-October Photo: Terry Harris

A dedicated coronavirus test centre for Peterborough communities is being set up in the centre of the city. 

Along with this, a new centre offering walk-in testing will open in Gladstone in mid-October to increase the facilities available to the regional population. 

This was announced during an online Summit for Peterborough meeting where members from the local authorities, faith organisations and community leaders attended to discuss ways of keeping Peterborough coronavirus-safe. 

For communities who do not speak English as a first language, a dedicated testing facility will be set up. 

A hotline will be in operation through the coronavirus local hub, where these communities can get relevant information or assistance to book a test. This will also support people who might not be savvy in technology. 

Talking at the summit, Dr Liz Robins, Director of Public Health for Peterborough City Council said: "One of the things we found when the demand at the national testing centre went up, it became harder to get tests locally. 

"It was a national decision to suspend walk-in testing facilities, because a lot of people were coming from outside the region to get tested. 

"But I can confirm after receiving agreements from national and regional systems, we are going to have a new test centre in Gladstone from mid-October and our GPs are helping us. We will also be starting walk-ins back shortly. We are at a critical point in a fight against the virus. 

"We have seen it going up first in the age bracket of 18-30 where they do not become too ill. But certainly, in northern parts of the country we’re now seeing that’s spreading to more vulnerable people and the hospital admissions are going up as well. We are in a position where it could escalate here like in other places. 

"We have seen some fantastic work taking place across Peterborough in recent months to get the messages across about the need to act responsibly and follow public health advice to limit the spread of the virus 

"So, I would urge, we continue the good work. And by keeping the rates down, we can keep economy open. We can keep our kids in education. These factors all tie in together. We have had this success by working together and we will continue to do this."

Data released by Public Health England shows that for the most recent week, the national rate of Covid 19 cases has risen to 36 per 100,000 population, while Peterborough’s rate is more stable and is currently 13 cases per 100,000 population.