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Bulky waste collection pushed to September due to staff shortage

The Orton Waterville Parish Council’s bulky waste collection has now been postponed to September 26. 
Bulky waste collection pushed to September due to staff shortage(Picture: Shariqua Ahmed)

This is due to the unavailability of Aragon staff, impacted by the pandemic. It was initially scheduled to take place in the car park behind Ortongate on July 11, Councillor for Orton Waterville Julie Howell has confirmed. 

Previously, the parish council had arranged for a special one-off additional black bin collection in Orton Waterville on June 13.  

It’s reported, the collection had a 19% take up with 16.54 tonnes of rubbish collected. 

Green councillor, Julie Howell believes households are struggling to manage household waste which is resulting in a ‘rubbish crisis’. She has urged households to act responsibly when buying packaged goods. 

Julie said: “It is clear that some households are struggling to manage their household waste more than others. The suspension of bulky item doorstep collections and now the parish council’s popular bulky waste collections, and the reduction in brown bin collections due to council staff exposure to COVID-19, have meant many people have more waste in their homes and gardens than they can manage.  

“These problems are exacerbated by the fact that more people are at home, so not putting litter in public bins or into bins at their workplace. This has resulted in a ‘rubbish crisis’ for some people.  

“We strongly urge residents to think carefully about the amount of packaging they are bringing into their homes at this time. While the council will continue to take away recyclable materials with its kerbside green bin collections as usual, non-recyclable materials have to go into the black bin or be taken to the Recycling Centre at Fengate.” 

“For some people, the capacity of the black bin is proving insufficient at this time, and not everyone has transport to get to the recycling centre. The way to address this problem is by generating less household waste. Buy less packaging. When buying anything at all, think about the amount of black bin non-recyclable waste the purchase will generate and see if there is a better option using only recyclable packaging.” 

She has also thanked the residents for being patient with the waste collections during the ongoing pandemic. 

Last month, Peterborough City Council reported a rise in black bin waste each week. The opening of the recycling centres, which closed in March to abide by social distancing, has not had an impact, and the waste continues to rise. 

A spokesperson for the council said: “We have seen black bin waste tonnages increasing across the city and are confident this is a mixture of people being at home more and subsequently focusing on household clearing and DIY.  

“Throughout lockdown we have maintained our policy that we will not take side waste with the black bin but will take side waste in clear bags with the recycling bins.  

“Whilst the closure of the HRC could have had an impact on household waste earlier in lockdown, HRC is open now and we still have the same high tonnages coming through."

For more information on how to manage household waste, visit their website.