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Almost 1,500 Peterborough residents 'pinged' by Covid app in one week

A total of 1,492 people were sent contact tracing alerts by the NHS Covid-19 app in the week to July 14, new figures show.
Nearly 10,000 people in Peterborough have been 'pinged' by the NHS Covid app over the last six months

The most recent data from NHS England shows that between July 8 and July 14 nearly 1,500 people were told they had been in contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus and therefore needed to self-isolate.

This is the highest weekly total so far for the local authority, up from the 1,128 alerts sent in the week ending July 7.

In total over the last six months, nearly 10,000 people in Peterborough have been 'pinged' by the app and told to self-isolate.

The number of venue check-ins across Peterborough has dropped by almost a quarter since the beginning of June.

In the week to June 2, there were 47,975 check-ins recorded by the app at venues in Peterborough.

In the week to July 14, there were 36,336 check-ins - a fall of 24.2%.

The results of the Peterborough Matters poll, which asked if readers were still using the Test and Trace app, shows that around 46% of people are still using the app as directed.

Just over 17% of people said they'd stopped using it because they didn't want to get 'pinged', while 3% said they worked somewhere that required them to turn it off.

A third of respondents said that they never downloaded the app in the first place.

Downing Street has insisted it is “crucial” for people to self-isolate after receiving an alert from the NHS Covid-19 app.

A No 10 spokeswoman said: “Isolation remains the most important action people can take to stop the spread of the virus.

“Given the risk of having and spreading the virus when people have been in contact with someone with Covid, it is crucial people isolate when they are told to do so, either by NHS Test and Trace or by the NHS Covid app.

“Businesses should be supporting employees to isolate, they should not be encouraging them to break isolation.”

But with more than 600,000 people across the country getting 'pinged' by the app - and many sectors facing staff shortages as a result - business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng confirmed that a “very narrow” list of sectors whose workers will be exempt from isolation rules would be published shortly.