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Peterborough Soup Kitchen suspends operations due to coronavirus

Peterborough soup kitchen, providing hot meals to the needy people, will stop its service temporarily due to coronavirus. They are looking for an alternative solution.
Peterborough Soup Kitchen

Peterborough Soup Kitchen is a charity that provides food to the homeless and disadvantaged people in the city.  

The organisation relies heavily on its volunteers who prepare and serve hot food, soups and drinks throughout the year.  

However, due to the current coronavirus concerns, the organisation's trustees have decided, after taking advice from the city council and the police,  to suspend the soup kitchen temporarily. 

Ian Barber is from the Peterborough soup kitchen. Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Ian said, “ We have had to take this decision to temporarily suspend the service. We get quite a large crowd- about 60 to 70 people who come to have a meal from us.  

“We now have a measure in place in the country, to stop the spread of virus, where you can’t have more than two people together. So after taking advice from the council and police we have decided to stop the service. This is for the safety of our volunteers and staff and the people who come each week to collect their meal.” 

“We want to resume as soon as we can. And, for that, we are working with the council and police again to find a solution, that can help us continue providing food to the needy people.” 

The organisation will have more updates on its operations shortly.  

They have asked people who wish to support the soup kitchen either through donations or volunteering, to visit their website for information.