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Number of over 90s with Covid has quadrupled in Peterborough

The number of positive Covid-19 tests returned in Peterborough over the week of Christmas was the highest of December - with cases in those over 90 quadrupling, according to new Test and Trace figures.
More than 6,000 Covid-19 tests were carried out in Peterborough in the week over Christmas (Photo: Terry Harris)

Between December 24 and December 30, there were 6,025 PCR tests carried out in the Peterborough local authority. Of these, 951 returned positive test results, meaning 15.8% of those tested were confirmed to have Covid-19.

In total, 1,126 people over the age of 60 took a coronavirus test in Peterborough; 12.1% of these people tested positive.

The Covid-19 vaccine is set to be rolled out by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to those over the age of 80 as one of the priority groups for inoculation. In Peterborough, 57 people over the age of 80 tested positive for Covid-19 between December 24 and December 30, with 28 of these people over the age of 90.

In the week prior, there were 31 people over the age of 80 who tested positive for Covid-19, with only seven of those over the age of 90.

Between December 17 and December 23, there were 7,218 PCR coronavirus tests carried out in Peterborough, with 853 - or 11.8% - of those tests returning positive results.

As previously seen, the majority of cases in December appeared in younger age groups. The highest increase of new cases in was in people aged 40 to 49. In the week to December 30, there were 187 new cases in people aged 40 to 49; the week prior there were 145 new cases recorded, and the week prior to that there were 134.

Overall, 696 people aged between 20 and 59 tested positive for Covid-19 in the week between December 24 and December 30.

There were 119 people under the age of 19 testing positive for the same period.

Public health chiefs have previously said the virus spreads among the younger population before moving on to older age groups.

The seven-day Covid-19 case rate for Peterborough is 520.1 per 100,000 people, based on 1052 new positive tests in the week to January 4. In the week prior, December 28, the case rate was 384.2, with 777 new cases recorded.

The new national lockdown was passed into law by MPs on Wednesday in the hope of slowing this spread and containing the newer, more contagious strain of the virus.