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Vaccine uptake lowest in Peterborough residents aged 18 to 29

Nearly 3,000 people under 18 have had the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine in Peterborough, recent figures reveal.
Just less than two-thirds of Peterborough residents are fully vaccinated

According to the latest NHS England figures, 70% of the adult population (over 18) in the city have had their first dose of a coronavirus jab.

Nearly 63% of people have also had their second dose appointment.

Additionally, 2,960 teenagers aged 16 or 17 have had their first jab since they were invited in mid-August.

The most vaccine-hesitant age group in Peterborough seems to be those aged between 25 and 29, with just 51% of this age group taking up the offer of a vaccination.

Those in their early 30s (30 to 34) have the second lowest takeup rate at 54%, followed by 55% of those aged 18 to 24.

All other age groups have seen more than 60% of their populations receive at least one dose of the vaccine, with every group over the age of 50 reaching takeup of 80% or more.

In Peterborough, a total of 135,603 have had their first dose, while 119,588 have returned for their second.

An online summit was held for Peterborough council and community leaders last week, addressing the low vaccine uptake and how best to encourage residents to come forward.

A door-knocking campaign was proposed, as was a concentrated rise in vaccine sites in areas where uptake is low, including the Central and Thistlemoor Primary Care Networks.