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Recycle single-use face masks at Wilko store

Wilko is taking action against littering with its disposable mask recycling scheme.
Wilko customers can recycle disposable face masks at the Peterborough store

Customers at the homeware chain can recycle single-use face masks in-store as part of the retailer's #ReclaimTheMask initiative.

A spokesperson for Wilko said: "We’re working in partnership with Scan2Recycle and ReWorked, launching an innovative scheme where your used disposable masks can be collected safely, recycled responsibly and turned into boards. 

"This gives your masks a new lease of life and makes sure they don’t end up in landfill or littering the environments we live in, helping us all to #ReclaimTheMask."

Throughout the pandemic there has been a reported rise in the amount of litter found in public places. A poll commissioned by CPRE, the countryside charity, revealed that more than a third of adults in England had noticed more litter near where they live since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.

Around 75% of those polled said they had noticed more personal protective equipment being dropped.

The Wilko spokesperson said: "We care about the communities we live in and our world that keeps us spinning, so we’ve come up with a little recycling win that can make a world of difference."

Collection bins should be easy to find at the front of the store.

The scheme is set to be in place until next month.

Although masks are no longer mandatory indoors, Wilko continues to recommend face coverings in its stores - and asks customers to respect the choices of others.