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Vilma, who spent two months in coma after Covid-19, praises local help

Vilma Grakauskaite, who spent two months in a coma after contracting Covid-19, has praised the Peterborough co-ordination hub for their help with her family.
Vilma was hospitalised with Covid-19

Vilma, from Peterborough, said her family needed support after she was hospitalised by Covid-19. 

She spent two months in a coma after contracting the virus in July last year and is still recovering. After she was admitted to hospital her family grew concerned for her 16-year-old son, who was living alone and struggling with daily tasks. 

Vilma’s sister got in touch with the hub, which was set up by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, to support vulnerable residents. 

Hub staff provided her son with food, essentials and hot meals as well as offering advice on completing a Universal Credit claim to help with rent payments and everyday living costs. The local Lithuanian Community also helped Vilma’s son, working alongside the hub to make sure the right level of support was provided. 

Vilma said: "My sister contacted Peterborough Hub. I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and found out about the hub when I awoke from a coma. Asta, the hub officer, has helped my son a lot and we are still getting support from her. 

"The Covid-19 pandemic has changed my life. It would have been difficult to survive without the hub’s help so I would recommend them to anyone in need of support. I just want to get better now."

Vilma is currently continuing to recover at a care home in Cambridge.  

To contact the countywide hub click here.