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Woman, 82, 'feels proud' after making 100 scrubs for NHS staff

Peterborough-resident, Janet Haygen, 82, says she is proud of herself for making 100 scrubs for the NHS staff – something that has helped her beat depression and loneliness during the lockdown. 
Janet Haygan, 82, is a proud lady after completing 100 scrubs for the NHS workers (Picture: Richard Ferris)

Janet lives on her own and has been a very independent lady, who likes to be out and about and although she could retire, she still holds two jobs – which she is hoping to return to by August. 

In the meantime, her sewing machine has kept her busy daily from 8am to 9pm while Janet was getting scrubs and wash bags ready for medical staff. She gave herself a break on a Sunday to catch up with household chores and back again on the Monday. 

Talking about her time in the lockdown, Janet said: "I have really enjoyed making these scrubs. I have now finished making 100 of them. I have also made wash bags, about eight to 10 in a week. I am very proud of myself. It has helped me stay busy and not go insane while living alone, I did feel lonely at times. Not being able to go out or meet anyone affected me but the sewing kept me going. 

"I am giving myself a week’s break now as I want to decorate my room and spend some time on my house. 

"Even when lockdown finishes and they don’t need scrubs, I am going to continue with my sewing. I also enjoy knitting and the group I am with at the minute have decided to carry on knitting going forward. We want to knit blankets for people in care homes and make little things for children at the maternity wards. I am looking forward to continuing it. 

"I like to stay busy and active. I don’t like not doing anything so sewing and knitting sounds like a good idea to me."

Janet has joined hundreds of volunteers in Peterborough as part of the ‘For The Love Of Scrubs’ campaign, making scrubs and protective equipment for all the frontline NHS staff. 

Previously, she told Peterborough Matters, how she had become depressed during the lockdown with "funny thoughts in her head". She even started to question why she is still alive and what her purpose in life is anymore.

The lockdown forced her to become house-bound with limited interaction with outsiders and is thankful to her daughter-in-law Rachel Casbon, who gave Janet the idea to start making scrubs for the medical staff and help stay busy.  

Before the lockdown was implemented, Janet was working at the Allam Iqbal Centre on Cromwell Road. Although the centre is still closed to adhere with social distancing rules, Regular visitors and staff members of the centre have been in constant touch with Janet, which she is very appreciative of.

Janet is going to turn 83 in July and would have liked to have a party in her garden. However, her plans are on hold due to the lockdown and hopes to have her friends from the centre around soon, when things get back to normal soon.