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Luke, 20, alone in lockdown due to 'key' job

A 20-year-old from Petebrorough shares his experience of staying away from family  while managing as a ‘key worker’. 
Luke Smith, 20, shares his experience of being in work during the lockdown (Picture: Luke Smith)

‘I enjoyed my job because it gave me the opportunity to socialise and interact with people’- says 20-year-old Luke Smith who was working as a doorman around Cambridgeshire's clubs for the last two years. 

He has since picked up on and off shifts working as a security supervisor and is currently working in Lidl, making sure people are following the social distancing guidance. 

In the meantime, Luke from Stanground has kept himself busy and entertained through his new hobby as a DJ. 

During the lockdown, he has been hosting regular live music streaming on Facebook, keeping people entertained. 

However, this will have to stop from October 1, as Facebook has banned live music streams in keeping with the copyright's issues. Nevertheless, Luke hopes to take up this hobby in the long-term. 

But has lockdown been a challenging time for this youngster? 

Luke shared: “I was working as a doorman when the lockdown began. It is a challenge to get work in the current climate but I have been fortunate as I did not have to go too long without work. I was off-sick form work as well in the between.

“I am now working as a security supervisor, four days a week at Lidl supermarket- which involves making sure people are wearing masks, recording the number of customers in and out of the shop among other things. People do think I am a bit young for this job, but I have been doing it for two years and have gained good experience.

“For me, it’s not just about the job. Going to work gives me a chance to interact and mingle with people. It’s a social outing for me as well. Especially, in the current times. 

“I live on my own, in-fact I have got myself a place of my own. But it’s not easy. Because of the nature of my job, I am at high-risk, which means I can't see my family or friends. For people like me, it is definitely challenging and can get very hard. It’s not great for the mental health either. 

“To keep myself busy while being at home during the lockdown, I joined Facebook groups and began doing live-music streaming.  

I had an interest in being a DJ and had some knowledge of it. My friends shared some of the equipment with me and I began doing these events on a regular basis. I have enjoyed it so far and I know people enjoyed tuning into it as well. I had a few experiences at a local radio station as well. 

“But sadly, this is coming to an end due to Facebook changing its policies on copyright and live streaming music. It’s a bit unfair though, as we have to pay for this music to be played anyway.  

“But I am hoping to take it up as hobby long-term.”