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Video: Clap for Carers across the city

Peterborough City Hospital organised an emergency services round of applause last night in the weekly Clap for Carers.
The round of applause for NHS staff, carers and keyworkers at Peterborough City Hospital (Photo: Ayshini Samarasinghe)

Police, the ambulance service and fire brigades all gathered in the hospital car park to join in the show of gratitude - to each other as well as to the NHS and carers - as part of a national tribute using social media hashtags such as #clapforourkeyworkers, #clapforNHS and #ClapForCarers

"Stay safe and crack on" was the message from one of the videos played in the run-up to the round of applause, as nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants either got started with their shifts or went home to rest after a busy day.

Residents of Peterborough also turned out to show their appreciation for those on the frontline by clapping, whistling and banging their pots and pans.

All of these videos were taken either at home or when a member of the Peterborough Matters team had to pick up a healthcare worker from their shift - no special trips out of the house here!