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Man smashed car windscreen with fist before assaulting police officers

Charlie Spurrier, 20, assaulted two police officers and used threatening behaviour to a Good Samaritan who had stopped to check on him after seeing he had a head injury.
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Spurrier appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court in custody on Monday to plead guilty to all three charges - and was already on a suspended sentence.

Prosecutor Paul Brown described how Spurrier leapt on the bonnet of a car when a member of the public pulled over to check on him on May 5.

“He was driving home, sees the defendant and notices he’s got injuries to the head. That’s the reason why [the driver] pulled over.

“The defendant jumped on the bonnet of the car,” said Mr Brown.

Spurrier got off when the man got out of the Ford Fiesta before leaping back on. The driver pulled him off to prevent any damage to his car.

Spurrier then smashed the windscreen of the vehicle with a clenched fist.

The court was also told that Spurrier, of Wellington Street, Peterborough, assaulted two police officers during a trip to hospital on June 4.

Mr Brown said they thought he was under the influence of alcohol and cannabis but it emerged that he had taken the synthetic cannabis drug spice.

Spurrier was lashing out at police and paramedics.

During a struggle at hospital, he kicked one police officer in the jaw and a cannula came out of Spurrier and splattered blood into the eye of another officer.

Mr Brown said Spurrier had another cannula in, adding: “He was swearing on his mother’s life that he would pull it out and cover police officers in blood.”

The court was told that Spurrier had been given a suspended sentence in May for assaulting an emergency worker and a conditional discharge in December 2020 for being drunk and disorderly.

Claire Thorneley, mitigating, said her client’s inability to control his emotions and behaviour had led to more frequent appearances in court recently.

District Judge Ken Sheraton told Spurrier that the defendant’s issues were more to do with lifestyle choices than poor mental health.

He said: “It’s something you are going to have to change or you’re going to spend much of your life in custody, it seems to me.”

Spurrier’s eight-week suspended sentence was activated and a further two weeks was added for the most serious of the assaults on the police officers. There were no separate penalties for the other offences.

He was ordered to pay £180 compensation for the windscreen damage.