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More than 1,300 parking fines issued in Millfield over two years

Over 1,300 parking tickets have been issued in Peterborough's Millfield area in the last two years. 
More than 1300 parking fines were issued on Lincoln Road in the last two years, an FOI request has revealed

A Freedom of Information request to Peterborough City Council revealed that between July 2019 to June 2021 the council issued 1,372 Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) on Lincoln Road, Millfield.  

Of those 1,372 PCNs, 1052 have been paid, 29 were cancelled under appeal, 85 were written off and 206 are still open and being processed through the recovery process.   

The request was put in by a member of the public on July 5, who wanted to know how many parking officers were employed by the council. They raised concerns that there is a lack of enforcement presence in the Millfield area despite parking issues. 

In a response, Peterborough City Council said: “Lincoln Road is the location where the most PCNs are issued in Peterborough each year”. 

It added: "PCC employ 12 civil enforcement officers to enforce breaches of parking restrictions across the city. They patrol on foot in regular patrol areas and also in vehicles to more remote areas and in response to calls for service from the public. Patrol areas are defined and assigned based on the concentration of restrictions, the demand on kerb space, the flow and movement of traffic and the levels of compliance.   
“Lincoln Road in Millfield between Dogsthorpe Road and Rock Road is covered by such a foot patrol on a regular basis, but time is split between Lincoln Road itself and all the other streets encapsulated between Taverners Road, Dogsthorpe Road, Alexandra Road, Rock Road, Occupation Road and Bourges Boulevard - so it is accepted that officers cannot be present in any one location all the time and breaches of the restrictions can occur when officers are not there to witness them”. 

“Cancellation reasons might include medical emergencies, breakdown or production of a valid permit or disabled badge that had failed to be displayed at the time. Write off reasons are usually because the PCN cannot be progressed through the recovery process due to the registered keeper not being registered at the DVLA or being untraceable”.