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Mapped: Vehicle crime rises but theft falls in Peterborough

There were more than 2,500 crimes reported in Peterborough in July 2021.
Police generic
A map of the 2,531 crimes committed in Peterborough in July

Figures obtained from the Police Data website show there were 2,531 reports made in July, a 4.5% increase from June's levels.

Criminal damage and arson incidents were up 35% month-on-month, with 210 reports in July compared to 155 in June.

And vehicle crime rose by nearly 50% - there were 120 reports in July compared to 81 in June.

Other categories of crime saw smaller increases, including a 7% increase in burglary and robbery, 6% in public order offences and 4% in violence and sexual offences.

But theft and shoplifting incidents fell from 324 incidents in June to 299 in July.

And antisocial behaviour, possession of weapons and drug offences also fell month-on-month.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: “We are committed to tackling vehicle crime and bringing offenders before the courts. 

“There could be a variety of reasons for the increase in the statistics over the last month, with lockdown easing, more people are going out and leaving cars unattended for longer periods, or in different places for example. 

“Crime prevention advice to help motorists keep their vehicles safe is available on our website.”

Outcomes such as charges and arrests are not included on this map. To see the different report categories click the arrow icon in the top left corner of the map - this will give you a menu and highlight the colour categories. 

Blue - antisocial behaviour 
Deep pink - burglary and robbery 
Orange - criminal damage and arson 
Yellow - drugs 
Purple - other crime 
Silver - possession of weapons 
Coral/light red - public order offences 
Green - theft and shoplifting 
Black - vehicle crime 
Brown - violence and sexual offences