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Mapped: The 2,300 crimes reported in Peterborough in May

More than 2,300 crimes were reported in Peterborough in May 2021 – see them all on one map. 
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A map showing the locations of the 2,315 crimes reported in Peterborough in May 2021

Figures obtained from the Police Data website show that there were 2,315 reports made in May. This is a 4% increase from April’s statistics, when 2,234 reports were made. 

Criminal damage and arson incidents were down 43% month-on-month, after April recorded a tyre-slashing spree that saw more than 100 reports of damage in one night. 

Theft and shoplifting reports were also down by around 9% in May compared to April. 

But most categories of crime saw an increase in reports. 

Antisocial behaviour incidents were up 20%, with more than 500 reports made in May. 

Possession of weapons was up 60%, with 24 reports in May compared to 15 the month before. 

Violence and sexual offences rose by 13%, with nearly 100 more offences in May than in April.

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: "There are a number of reasons we tend to see changes in crime trends. These include targeted police activity to drive down offences or increase reporting, or changes in the way in which crimes are recorded. Over the past couple of years we have made it even easier for people to report crime, through the introduction of online reporting and web chat facilities enabling people to report crime at a time convenient to them. 

"Despite the challenges we face policing in the current climate we continue to utilise every opportunity we have to target criminals and protect the most vulnerable. As well as providing emergency support and assisting with efforts to ensure everyone adheres to lockdown conditions and helps make our county safe.” 

Outcomes such as charges and arrests are not included on this map. To see the different report categories click the arrow icon in the top left corner of the map - this will give you a menu and highlight the colour categories. 

  • Blue - antisocial behaviour 

  • Deep pink - burglary and robbery 

  • Orange - criminal damage and arson 

  • Yellow - drugs 

  • Purple - other crime 

  • Silver - possession of weapons 

  • Coral/light red - public order offences 

  • Green - theft and shoplifting 

  • Black - vehicle crime 

  • Brown - violence and sexual offences