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Virtual domestic abuse advice session for vulnerable individuals

Are you worried that your partner may have a history of carrying out domestic abuse? You could benefit from an hour-long live domestic abuse question and answer session on Facebook this Friday. 
Peterborough Police and partners to hold live domestic abuse Q&A session on Friday, September 25 (Picture: PA Media)

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, together with partner agencies, is set to host its third live session at 5.45pm on Friday, September 25.  

Safeguarding experts will once again be on hand to answer domestic abuse related questions from members of the public on the force’s Facebook page. 

The panel will include a representative from police, Cambridgeshire County Council’s Adult and Child Social Care, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Partnership. 

The public will have the opportunity to post their questions on the Facebook wall and receive live time answers and advice from the panel. Additionally, people will also have the option of sending a private message if they wish to remain anonymous. 

The focus of this session will be on the Clare’s Law Disclosure Scheme which allows individuals to ask for information held on a person in relation to domestic abuse offences and convictions. 

The aim of the scheme is to share this information confidentially in a bid to safeguard applicants who may be at risk of harm from those who have a history of domestic abuse offending. 

The public will also be invited to ask any other domestic abuse related questions they have. 

During lockdown, the government offered additional support to domestic violence charities as calls to helpline number rose. In Peterborough, police have received more than 600 calls relating to domestic violence since March.

Earlier in the month, Police launched 'WEPROTECT' instant victim referral app, rolled out to all frontline police officers in Cambridgeshire in a bid to help domestic abuse victims gain quick and vital legal support.

Detective Sergeant Mark Little said: "The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme is named after Clare Wood who was sadly murdered in Salford in 2009 by her ex-boyfriend who had a history of violence against women. 

"The Clare’s Law scheme aims to make applicants aware of individuals’ previous domestic abuse history in a bid to safeguard them from any future abuse themselves. 

"We know that this scheme can be a great help to those who may have concerns about their partners’ past and fear they may be a potential victim of abuse. 

"Preventing and tackling domestic abuse is so important to us so we really encourage anyone to tune in if they think the Q&A would be of benefit to them or someone they know. 

"Whether you’re a victim or concerned family, friend or neighbour. We will be on hand to offer specialist advice and we hope we can help as many of you as possible. 

"We look forward to hearing from you."

Top tips and advice will also be posted throughout the hour-long session and all members of the public are encouraged to get involved to have their questions answered. 

For more information and support around domestic abuse, click here.