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Drink and drug-driving arrests 'skyrocket'

Drink- or drug-driving arrests have 'skyrocketed' this month - and police are appealing for motorists to consider the consequences of their actions.
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So far in June there have been 57 drink- or drug-drive arrests across Cambridgeshire, compared to 32 arrests last month – a 78% increase.

The rise follows a series of shocking court cases last year. Drug driver Luke Norton, 31, from Nocton, killed two “utterly devoted parents” after taking cocaine and falling asleep at the wheel, while drug driver Kathryn Watkins collided head-on with a van and then fled, leaving her friend to die in the back seat.

Sergeant Mark Dollard, from the Beds, Cambs and Herts Road Policing Unit, said: “It’s difficult to pinpoint a reason for the rise, however, this month we have seen warmer weather, people out socialising more, the start of the Euros and there has been a further minor lifting of Covid restrictions.

“I’d like to remind motorists of the risks they take when they get behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs. Not only do they risk their own lives, but the lives of other innocent motorists.

“Before you get behind the wheel please think – is it really worth the risk?

“I’d also like to remind people that they can help us make the roads of Cambridgeshire safer for everyone by reporting others they suspect of driving while under the influence.

“We have a dedicated hotline and all calls are taken in confidence. One call could save a life.”

The hotline, 0800 032 0845, is available 24/7 and gives people the chance to supply the police with information to help reduce the number of drink or drug drivers on the county’s roads.

For more information about drink- or drug-driving, the law and the dangers it can cause, as well as the confidential hotline, visit the force's dedicated web page.