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Drunk driver sentenced after police catch him red-handed

A driver from Peterborough was sentenced and given a three-year driving ban on August 3, after he was caught red-handed behind the wheel after lying about his identity. 
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Drunk driver in peterbroough is sentenced after he was caught red-handed by the police who found him to be double the alcohol limit (Photo: John Baker)

Ilyas Mohammed, 33, of Muswell Road, Peterborough was pulled over by police when he was seen driving suspiciously in Bretton Way at about 11.30pm on February 7. 

When officers spoke to Mohammed, he gave them a fake name and insisted he had no identification documents on him. 

Officers suspected Mohammed of drink driving by the smell of alcohol on his breath. This was confirmed when a roadside breath test revealed a reading of 74ugs – nearly double the legal limit of 35. 

When Mohammed was arrested at the scene, officers found a driving licence in his pocket which gave his real name. However, he protested that it was instead his brother’s licence. 

A subsequent search of Mohammed's car found a small bag of white powder, which was later confirmed as cocaine. 

Whilst in custody, a fingerprint scanner revealed Mohammed's true identity and confirmed he had lied to officers about his name at the roadside and was uninsured to drive the vehicle. 

On Monday, August 3, Mohammed, admitted drink driving, driving with no insurance, obstructing a constable and possession of class A drugs at Peterborough Magistrates' Court. 

He was sentenced on the same day to a £550 fine and a three-year driving ban. 

PC James Goose, who investigated, said: "I hope this case shows we will take positive action against those who choose to put themselves and others in extreme danger by getting behind the wheel whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. 

"It's sheer luck that Mohammed didn't cause a serious collision and I hope this gives him a chance to reflect on his behaviour. 

"Cambridgeshire Constabulary remains committed to keeping all road users safe and we will continue to take robust action against those who carry drugs." 

If you know someone who drink or drug drives you can report anonymously via the confidential hotline on 0800 032 0845 or via their website here