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Over 100 tyres slashed in Dogsthorpe, Welland and Paston

Residents across Peterborough neighbourhoods including Dogsthorpe, Welland and Paston have shared their concern after waking up to find their tyres slashed this morning, April 8.
Dogsthorpe, Crabtree and Welland are among some of the areas which saw tyres slashed

Concerned residents shared their experience on Facebook this morning, April 8, after waking up to find multiple vehicles with what appears to be slashed tyres. 

One resident initially believed the tyres had been deflated, but upon further inspection, found that someone had slashed them; but they were not the only person who fell victim to the obscure act. 

A resident based in Dogsthorpe watched the event back on CCTV, confirming that the tyres had been punctured. They said: "I'm not sure what it's been punctured with, definitely just a quick stab with something and walked to the next house." 

It seems this was a random act, with one person adding that on their street every car had at least one tyre punctured. 

Other people added that front doors had been burned too. 

A spokesman from Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: "We have had numerous reports of criminal damage in Harebell Close, Peterborough, and the surrounding area overnight.

"From late yesterday (April 7) to this morning it is thought more than 100 cars have had tyres punctured and some residents have reported damage being caused to the doors of their properties.

"Victims are urged to report what has happened on the force website here or by calling 101 quoting incident 56 of April 8.

"Anyone with CCTV footage or further information about the incident is also urged to contact police."