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Awareness workshop held after reports of rise in honour-based abuse

An awareness workshop has taken place on recognising and dealing with honour-based abuse and forced marriage.
An awareness workshop was organised in Peterborough after reports of a rise in honour-based abuse (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The training from charity Karma Nirvana was organised by Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service’s (PCVS) and Community First, providing volunteers and frontline workers with the necessary tools to help victims and their families. 

It comes after PCVS noted a growing number of honour-based Abuse and forced marriage incidents coming to light in the city. 

Karma Nirvana's experts in this area, who support victims and survivors via their national helpline, delivered the training that was attended by 22 representatives from Peterborough’s charities and community groups. 

The training highlighted the tell-tale signs to look out for when recognizing incidents of honour-based abuse and stressed the fact that it can occur in many different cultures, affecting all genders and sexualities. 

It confronted the challenges to frontline workers who want to be culturally sensitive but need to safeguard vulnerable people, as well as awareness raising for the ongoing support which Karma Nirvana can offer the survivors of abuse. 

Gill Benedikz from PCVS said: “The session was a real eye-opener to the isolation and vulnerability that victims face.

"The lengths that perpetrators will go in the name of honour and avoid shaming their family enforces the depth of societal pressures that are placed on people within some communities.  

“The perpetrators are more often than not loved ones, which heightens victims’ vulnerability to the point that some people don’t even realise that they are experiencing a form of abuse.

"Guilt and fear are large barriers to victims seeking help and standing up for their basic human rights. Charities like Karma Nirvana provide a lifeline for those affected.” 

Meetings will be every other month and the next one will be held on October 20 at 12.30pm over Zoom.

If you would like to know more about the forum email