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Safety patrols beefed up at city school after repeated bike thefts

Queen Katherine Academy in Walton is bringing in further safety measures after repeated bike thefts from the school.
Queen Katherine Academy has increased school patrols after a rise in bike thefts

One parent told us last week: “Within the last four days, five bikes have been taken from Queen Katherine Academy in Walton. 
“We are not even able to claim any assistance in replacing the bikes. [It] appears that anyone can now walk on to the site and just help themselves. 
“Thefts have been reported to the police but there hasn’t been a positive response from their end yet.” 

Another parent said: "My son is worried to take his bike to school. Over five bikes and e-scooters have been stolen. 

“My son told me last week he saw a man coming into the area where bikes were locked up. He told him he was collecting his child’s bike but my son said it did not look right and stayed away from approaching the man further..

“But this is a serious concern. For me as a parent, it highlights that the school has not got its safety procedures in place. I think children's security is at risk. I think the school is not taking this seriously and we parents are quite concerned.” 

Cambridgeshire Police confirmed they attended the school and had launched an investigation into the bike thefts.

A spokesperson said: "We have received two reports of bikes being stolen from Queen Katherine Academy in Mountsteven Avenue in the last week.

"On Monday [November 8] a green Trek mountain bike was stolen. On November 11 a white and blue GT bike with white wheels and green writing was also stolen.

"Officers have been liaising with the school and have conducted extra patrols in the area as a result of the thefts. An investigation is ongoing to identify those involved.

"Anyone with information is urged to contact police via their web chat service or online forms at quoting 35/77793/21 or 35/76996/21. Anyone without internet access should call 101."

Lynn Mayes, principal of Queen Katharine Academy, said: “We were sad to hear of a number of recent bike thefts which have taken place on the Queen Katharine Academy site. 

“As soon as the matter was brought to our attention, we began working closely with Cambridgeshire Police and, as part of the investigation, have positioned police officers and members of staff to patrol areas where bike thefts have occurred.

"In addition, we have issued guidance to parents and students reminding them of the importance of properly locking up bikes and placing them in our secure bike shed. 

“We will continue to work with the police, our parents and the local community to minimise the risks to students’ property on site.”