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Steak-stealing shoplifter jailed after biting Tesco staff

Steak-stealing shoplifter Joshua Beeston bit two Tesco workers who confronted him after trying to steal from the Orton Wistow store.
Huntingdon Magistrates Court
Huntingdon Magistrates Court. Photo: Google Maps

Beeston, 24, entered the store in Wistow Way on August 8 carrying an empty bag for life and caught the attention of staff who recognised him as a regular shoplifter.

He headed straight to the meat aisle where he loitered for a while, waiting for other shoppers to leave, before placing £121.40 worth of meat and steaks into his bag.

Attempting to leave the store without paying, Beeston was stopped by three members of staff who directed Beeston to return the items or pay for them.

Beeston became aggressive and made threats towards the men, before a struggle took place and Beeston bit one of the men on his arm and another on his hand.

He was arrested and later charged with two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH) as well as attempted theft of meat worth £121.40 from Tesco.

Beeston, of no fixed address, appeared at Huntingdon Law Court on Thursday where he admitted the offences and was sentenced to eight months in prison.

PC Oliver Gregory, who investigated, said: “Beeston is a prolific shoplifter who sadly doesn’t appear to learn his lesson. Hopefully this stint in prison will give him time to reflect on his actions and make a change.”