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'It is an accident waiting to happen' - fears over street racing

Neighbours in one area of Peterborough are being kept awake at night by noisy street racers who are putting the lives of other road users at risk.
Street racing causing misery to Peterborough residents (Picture: Pixabay)

Anti-social late-night driving has been the cause of countless complaints from residents in Orton Goldhay, who claim the nuisance behaviour is disturbing their sleep.

Describing the extent of the issue, Green councillor for Orton Waterville, Julie Howell, said: “Two nights of total misery for Orton Goldhay residents as street racing keeps hundreds awake into the small hours. Imagine trying to sleep in this heat with your windows closed because of the noise and smell, this is what our residents face nightly. 

“Previously, it was confined to the Southgate estate. Now they are driving dangerously even on Oundle Road and Orton Parkway."

She continued: “We had a car meetup in Ortongate last Friday. They usually take place at Orton Southgate Industrial Estate where hundreds of car enthusiasts attend. The issue is, it’s accompanied by people who misbehave and do stunts with their cars with their cars which leads to anti-social behaviour and can be extremely dangerous on public roads.

“It has been going on for way too long now - I have been pushing for measures for the last four years. Residents are now giving up on it. They are losing faith. They want results now. But it’s not that easy and will require effort and money to sort it. 

“But I can say, I am having a positive conversation with the police and the council who are working to introduce the measures that can help make a difference. Whether it’s speed cameras or putting other physical measures in place that can reduce the opportunity of such anti-social behaviour. I would like to request residents to be patient until we work on this.” 

Dr Shabina Asad Qayuum, local councillor for Eastward, is also dealing with similar concerns in the area. 

Drag racing in Royce Road Industrial area is becoming a regular occurrence, causing a disturbance to businesses and even damage to properties. She believes "it is an accident waiting to happen". 

She said: “Businesses are suffering as a result of drag racing on Royce Road in Eastward. It’s taking place after hours and causing inconvenience and even damage to associated properties in the area. 

“Apart from the noise disturbance, this is extremely dangerous and can put oncoming traffic at risk. Delivery lorries and other car users access the road and their lives could be at risk from this anti-social racing. Somebody could meet with a fatal accident.  

“Clearly people indulging in these activities are not thinking about the repercussions of their actions."

She added: “Police are aware and are looking into it.” 

Cambridgeshire Police has urged members of public to report anti-social behaviour either through 101 or via their website

In a statement sent to Peterborough Matters, a spokesman for the police said:  “We are aware of issues surrounding anti-social driving, including racing and speeding, in Peterborough. 

“In response, the local neighbourhood policing team has engaged with some organisers involved in the modified car scene to help educate and inform them on how to manage the issue. 

“In addition, we are working closely with local councillors, particularly in the south of the city, to discuss physical measures than can be put in place to help reduce the opportunity of such anti-social behaviour. 

“We are also working hard to gain statements and intelligence around individual issues when they occur so that action can be taken at the earliest opportunity. As part of this, work is also being done to implement public space protection orders, where necessary, to enable both police and the council to take action when there is evidence of anti-social behaviour taking place. 

“We understand the concerns from local residents and we ask the public to continue to report any information they have about anti-social behaviour to us, specifically any descriptions and registration plates of the vehicles involved and descriptions of those driving. 

“The more information we have, the better picture we can build and the more efficient we can be at targeting those responsible. Anyone who experiences anti-social behaviour similar to the above is urged to report this online via or by calling 101.”