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Wife reported husband for taking her car without permission

A Netherton man took his wife's car without permission - so she called the police.
Peterborough Magistrates court
Photo: John Baker

Ansar Ali, 42, had had a “minor verbal disagreement” with her at their home in Atherstone Avenue, Peterborough Magistrates’ Court was told on Monday (July 26).

“Due to this, he walked out and got in his wife’s car. This was a Volkswagen Golf registered to his wife,” said prosecutor Pretty Barber.

“The defendant has driven it off the driveway into the road before returning it immediately.”

Ms Barber said there was then an attempt to get the car keys back before Ali - not the Peterborough city councillor who shares the same name - went out and drove the Golf away again.

This time the police were called. It was about 2.15am on April 3 this year.

Ali was arrested for taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent and having no insurance. He pleaded guilty to both offences.

The defendant said in mitigation that he had left “in a huff and puff” after a row following his return from visiting an unwell uncle in Kashmir, India.

“The car was blocking another one that I own. I took it with the genuine knowledge that I was insured on it,” he said.

The court was told that it had been driven a short distance around the block.

For taking the vehicle without consent, Ali was fined £120 and ordered to pay £105 costs and £34 victim surcharge.

He was given six penalty points for the insurance offence.