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Peterborough's Paw-fect Pets! Are they 'helping' you work from home?

People in the UK are being encouraged to work from home, and your fur-friends are definitely making the most of the company.
Peterborough's Paw-fect Pets!
The quarantine has resulted in lots of people working from home, how are your pets helping? (Photo by: Sarah Ashley and Graham McMillan)

Whether you're pro-working from home or anti-, one member of your household that will appreciate it is your fur-friends.

It may start to make things challenging when you attempt to work, but who could dare tell them to get off your lap? 

Peterborough's Lost Pets member Sarah Ashley decided to make light of the tough times and ask people to share snaps of their pets working from home. 

She wrote: "With a lot of Peterborough now working from home, our pets are living the dream. We'd love to see how your pets are 'helping you'." 

Sharing a photo of her own cat sprawled across her notebooks, it seems her fur-friend took full advantage of the home-working scenario. 

Working from home pets 2Want to work? No chance, sorry! This kitty is taking no prisoners during their relaxing hours (Photo: Sarah Ashley)
Cats usually get incredibly playful when they're not getting attention, so it may be a nightmare for home-workers when they start knocking the mouse off the table... 

Member Meryl Lang said her cat loves a home office day, which was clear when her kitty was neatly sitting on her lap while she was typing away. 

Working from home petsMeryl's cat was laying on her parents' lap while she was working (Photo: Meryl Lang)

Other members with cats were sharing snaps of them on keyboards, sitting in boxes and roaming around their home.

Graham McMillan's dog gave him the best of both worlds! Although she wanted attention, she acted as a good iPad holder with her face firmly sat on the top. 


Working from home pets 3There's no working when the dog is around! This one isn't letting anyone miss him (Photo: Graham McMillan)

Owner Helen Core even has her cats watching her while she's working behind her laptop. We're guessing they're hungry... 

CatsHelen's cats have been watching her closely (photo: Helen Core)

Cats walking across the desk, flicking their tail in your face, while dogs sitting at the door waiting for you to take them on a walk – but it's all part of the fun, right? 


Keep sending snaps of your fur-friends and how they're getting involved with your working day! Email us at