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Jason's inspiring duathlon with a difference for New Ark

A Peterborough dad is taking on a daunting duathlon to raise money for a pre-school that has helped his son.
New Ark
Jason Lovett is taking on a duathlon for New Ark

Jason Lovett's son Anakin goes to New Ark preschool, a unique setting that offers many services and benefits from having its own farm - it's used to support young people and adults in a variety of ways including offering animal care placements for students, plus social mornings and animal care courses for adults with learning disabilities. 

Lockdown has presented him completing his mission from New Ark itself, so instead he will run 15 miles on his treadmill, followed by a 30km ride on his exercise bike and then a further 10 mile run on the treadmill from home.

He hopes to raise £20,000 towards a much-needed sensory space for the preschool which had originally been planned for last year until a lack of funding halted the project. 

The Lets Duathlon it for the Kids fundraiser will take place on March 6, and Mr Lovett said of New Ark: "As with so many COVID is hitting them hard. As a charity they rely heavily on fundraising events to boost their income for the daily running of all the services and welfare of all the animals. 

"Having to cancel most of last year’s events and going into this year in lock down has had a massive impact on them so I’ve decided to do a sponsored event to help support them. 

"New Ark has helped and supported my son, who due to the first lockdown was delayed in being able to start preschool, and not only that wasn’t able to go toddler groups, play centres and even parks to develop the much needed social skills that young children need to learn before school . 

"I think we are yet to see the full impact COVID and lockdown has on the younger generation that rely on this preschool stage to form friendships and they will face some social disadvantages. 

"That is why I’m hoping to raise enough funds to support New Ark with their aim of setting up a sensory space that all the children can enjoy but to help the children that might find all that is happening in the world a little overwhelming and also to help to cover the many of £1000’s they have lost from the cancelled events. 

"It would be amazing to raise enough so that New Ark are able to continue to offer support to other families and children that need the help like we did."  

Mr Lovett is being supported by the New Ark Committee, and chair Jo Curphey told Peterborough Matters: "New Ark has been serving its local community for the past 50 years, through its preschool, holiday and after school clubs, play support service, city farm and eco garden.

"New Ark has been hit very hard by COVID-19 as we weren’t able to run any of our usual fundraising events during 2020, and have seen a huge drop in our income as we’ve been unable to continue with many of our usual activities due to Government Restrictions."

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