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Archie, 6, walks 100 miles for children's mental health charity to spread 'cheer'

Six-year-old Archie Schulze spent the last few weeks walking 100 miles with his mum Jemma Schulze to fundraise for mental health charity,  Young Minds. 
Six-year-old Archie from Thorney, Peterborough walked 100 miles with mum Jemma to raise money for Young Minds charity (Picture: Jemma Schulze)

Mum Jemma has described Archie as a child filled with knowledge, inquisitiveness and a kind heart.  

The little resident of Thorney, Peterborough is on a mission to spread positivity and kindness after what’s been a difficult and challenging year for us all.  

Jemma said he was inspired to do something after seeing someone give a homeless man a cup of coffee. 

He asked his mum if he could do things to help people and cheer them up, so, together they sat and created a kindness jar filled with 12 gestures to carry out during 2021.  

Having spent January writing letters to loved ones, he’s spending February walking 100 miles to raise money and awareness for YoungMinds. Archie said he picked this particular charity "because of the impact Covid has had on me and my friends and other children".  

Young Minds is one of UK's leading charities, committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.  

When asked what he’s enjoying about the walk Archie said: "I like being outdoors with my mum as we jump in lots of puddles and spot birds together which is cool. It does hurt my feet though and we did 9 miles one day which was kind of a lot and I needed to have a sit down."  

Other gestures within the jar include paying for someone’s shopping, litter picking and leaving £5 on a car park pay machine. 

All through February the son and mum team have been "walking, running, jogging, biking and dancing" to get to their target of 100 miles. They hope to spread the word on how important children’s mental health is.

There are still a few days for February to end, but Archie and Jemma are nearly there with 96 miles clocked off so far, and have raised just over £350. Archie's initial target was to raise £150 for the charity. They hope to complete the challenges today, February 25.

You can join in to support Archie via the fundraising page here