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Emily and Elishia's classes will bring performance art to people with disability

A new Peterborough business will aim to provide accessible and affordable creative arts classes to people with autism, disabilities and learning difficulties.
Emily Hale
Emily Hale

Launching on April 18, ASDramatics will provide a safe space for those who may not feel socially confident, to relax and explore different activities.

The classes at Loxley Community Centre in Werrington will be overseen by founder, director and room leader Emily Hale and director and room leader Elishia Diehm. 

All resources and sessions are adapted for high needs, and Emily, 21, said: "I have worked with people with disabilities for some years now, and it's clear that many of them rely on music to communicate.

"However I haven't found anything in Peterborough that's tailored for them to explore performance arts. There are lots of performing arts groups, but nothing for disabled people or those with additional needs.

"The reaction has been very nice so far, and the older classes in particular are proving to be the favourites."

Classes are available for 10-24 year olds, and 25+. They include a Disney workshop; a sensory music session; a movement workshop to encourage co-ordination, physical movement and engaging with others; arts and crafts; and a singing workshop.

Emily added: "There will be people who have not done anything in the last year because of Covid, and there may be people who are still shielding.

"As soon as people know groups like ours are out there, not only does it benefit those taking part but it also creates a support group network.

"There's something for everyone, which also includes a sensory room for providing a place of quiet for those who may find it overwhelming." 

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ElishiaElishia Diehm. By Supplied