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50 youngsters from Peterborough's mosque mark religious event - by completing chores for charity

Dozens of children from the Burton Street Mosque in Peterborough marked an event of religious significance by organising charitable activities.  

Nearly 50 kids who attend the Madrassah or an Islamic school at the Husseini Islamic Centre on Burton Street organised a ‘Sadaqah’ or charity event, during the half term.  

Children from the reception to GCSE age group took up chores during the half term, such as dishwasher duty or other similar activities. And for every chore, they were handed points which were converted to groceries that were donated to the Millfield Community Fridge and the Garden House.  

The community was marking the birthday of Lady Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), the last messenger in Islam.  

Each year, the event is held and the community gets involved. This year, as the madrassah is operating virtually, online calligraphy, artwork, painting sessions all in honour of lady Fatima were organised for the kids. 

As part of their chores, the children collected huge amounts of food and groceries for the people in need. One third was given to the Garden House and the rest was donated to the Millfield Community Fridge.  

The Millfield Fridge shared pictures of the donations on social media and said: “A big thank you to the children of Husseini Madrassah, for their very generous donation and special thanks to Fatim Ismail for organising it.”  

Here is what some of the children who took part had to say about their involvement with the project:  

Zaamin Ali Pardhan, 9, said: “Felt thankful during this challenge because it made me realise that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. I got to help lots of people in need.” 

7-year-old Sakinah Pardhan echoed similar views and said: “I felt happy, thankful and excited because some people didn’t have food so I was really happy that I could help them.” 

Kumayl Meghji, 9,  said: “The Sadaqah event was so much fun, I really enjoyed doing my challenges.  I knew the more I did the more food people who are less fortunate would get. It made me feel so happy that I was able to make a difference.” 

Maitham Mavani from Year 7 said: “I enjoyed doing the Sadaqah Challenge because it motivated me to do good deeds and be helpful. At the same time as doing chores and reciting, I felt happy as I knew my good deeds would also help people’s lives by giving them food and drink and providing them useful household items.” 

And Jabair Mavani from Year 5 also enjoyed the activities and said: “I enjoyed the Sadaqah charity challenge because it motivated me and made me do lots of good acts.  For example, helping my mum wash the dishes, do the laundry, recite Ziyarat etc. I also enjoyed it because I like helping people and making them happy.” 

Fatim Ismail works with the Mosque management, and said she is very proud and inspired with the children’s efforts.  

Speaking to Peterborough Matters: Fatima said: “It’s amazing. When you come up with things like this, you are unsure if they will participate but it was amazing to see how many took part.  

“It has been difficult organising everything online. But it was wonderful to see the efforts and the amount of food and other items that were donated.  

“We provided resources for the workshops which they collected.  The kids enjoyed the activities as well and it was nice to see them forward and take the initiative.”