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Kate and Esther's £4.5k charity bid inspired by friend's child

Kate Peach, 40, and Esther Readshaw, 37, have raised more than £4,500 for Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre after their close friend's four-year-old was diagnosed with a Grade 3 brain tumour.
Kate and Esther
Kate and Esther raised over £4.5k

Kate and Esther plan to raise as much money as possible for Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre - and are currently working towards a fresh target of £5,000 having already smashed their initial goal.

The pair have already completed the 4 in 48 challenge; this involves running four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours, which they did over Easter weekend. 

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Kate said: "The motivation of the charity helped us be energised and raring to go, it's something that is really close to our hearts. The generosity of others really spurred us on and we aimed to raise £1,500 but we've reached over £4,500, now we're hoping to get to £5,000.

"At the time that our friend's little girl had the brain tumour, the family relied on the charity and they were very helpful to them; we know how important the charity is and how much every penny helps."

Kate added: "We were going to do a rat race, but it was postponed again from last year so we needed to do something else, that's when we decided to take part in the 4 in 48 challenge. We have had so much support, it's been amazing.

"Around two years ago, our friend's daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. Peterborough City Hospital are amazing, both them and Addenbrookes did an amazing job and the surgery was a success; she started school in September. She's doing really well."

Kate, who along with Esther has been committed to raising as much as they can, have thanked those who got involved wholeheartedly. 

Kate continued: "I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported us, our husbands for looking after our children, the people in our village who came and cheered for us so thank you to everyone, it was lovely and really emotional, but it was lovely."

The fundraiser was launched to support the research centre which supports the family and carries out crucial work into the treatment and prevention of the diagnosis. 

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