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26 Young Writers National winners at Iqra Academy

Peterborough’s Iqra Academy girls win national short story writing competition. 

This year’s National short story competition, devised by Young Writers, attracted more than 10,000 entries, with ‘Twisted Tales - 2022 Wicked Legends’ as the theme. 

Twenty-six students between the ages of 11 and 13 from Iqra Academy, an all-girls school based in Bretton, were the winners and will have their stories published. 

The school head Michael Wright said: “At Iqra Academy our aim is to inspire the next generation and instil in them a love for creative writing, and what better way than to see their work in print. The Book titled, 'Twisted Tales - 2022 Wicked Legends' will be kept in the British Library. 

“Congratulations to students and their teachers. All winners will have their stories published”. 

Here is the list of all the Iqra students: 

  • Safa Khan – ‘The Bear meets the Beings’;  
  • Aminah Bibi – ‘Crime of Passion’;  
  • Malaika Ahmadi – ‘Rapunzel’s Revenge’; 
  • Saubiyah Irfan – ‘Three Little Wolves’ 
  • Gabija Butkerviciute – ‘Last Bite’  
  • Shahida Zia – ‘Hide-and-Seek’  
  • Noor Khan – ‘Jokers Story’  
  • Jana Albirini – ‘Love at First Bite’  
  • Zara-Maria Nazir – ‘Red and the Wolf’ 
  • Hibba Khan – ‘Tom Riddle’s Origins’  
  • Sophia Mehmood – ‘Rapunzel and her Psycho Prince’  
  • Zainab Bhatti – ‘Riddle’s Redemption’  
  • Zaara Sarfraz – ‘Little Grey Wolf’  
  • Iman Fatima – ‘A last sip of Coffee’  
  • Zahila Shakeel – ‘Beauty doesn’t Last’  
  • Aiza Amjad – ‘Going on a Scary Hunt’  
  • Laiba Waqas – ‘The Icing on the Cake’  
  • Aleesha Fatima – ‘Pretty Hate’  
  • Habeebah Anwar – ‘The End of her Life’  
  • Aamina Mahmood – ‘Romeo and Regret’  
  • Malaiqa Khan – ‘Two Lovers Entwined’  
  • Marwa Khan – ‘’Pinocchio’  
  • Mahreen Ali – ‘Dr Darling’  
  • Amina Bi – ‘Serial Killer’  
  • Haleema Osaman – ‘Going on a Human Hunt’ 
  • Zakia Nasiri – ‘My Name’ 

The Young Writers academy established in 1991 and run their National Writing Competitions throughout the academic year for nurseries, primary and secondary schools. They usually run the poetry competitions at the beginning of each half term and the creative writing competitions in the second half.  

For primary and secondary schools they run one competition across the academic year. 

Find out more about it here