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A Masterplan for the Embankment: Consultants employed as work begins

Peterborough City Council has begun the process of appointing consultants to build a masterplan for the future of the Embankment.
Peterborough Embankment

The area includes land to the west of Frank Perkins Parkway, known locally as The Embankment and Middleholme to the east. 

The masterplan will be developed using funding from Government’s Towns Fund and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority. Once complete, it will guide and inform development in this area strategically, allowing for a comprehensive look at aspirations and proposals for the area rather than reacting to development requests on an individual basis as the city expands.   

This piece of work will be led by experienced independent consultants, appointed by the council on on behalf of the Towns Fund Board, and will take up to six months, involving wide ranging engagement with residents and other stakeholders such as ARU Peterborough, Peterborough United Football Club and other organisations, including statutory bodies.

Once completed the masterplan and its findings will be publicly accessible.

The aim of the Embankment Masterplan is to explore options for enhancing this green space as a safe, sustainable, usable and accessible asset for the city. It will also look at how best to improve connectivity to the River Nene, city centre, Fletton Quays, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) Peterborough site, Middleholme, other areas of green space and enhanced provision for cyclists and pedestrians.

Other issues for consideration will include the future expansion of ARU Peterborough campus and Peterborough United Football Club’s plans to bring forward a new stadium on the Embankment. 

Peterborough City Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the club in February 2020, which gave an agreement that it would assist the club in finding a new location in the city. This described a shared vision and way of working that is commonplace when a major investor is interested in investing in the city. 

Although the club's preference continues to be the Embankment, the MoU did not give any commitment on the new location and was non-legally binding.  

A copy of the MoU will be published on Peterborough City Council's website following the full council meeting on request of Peterborough City Council leader Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald. 

Matthew Bradbury, private sector chair of the Peterborough Towns Board, said: “The main emphasis of the masterplan will be on retaining and improving green space, while boosting green connectivity, footfall, an improved image of the city and increased health, leisure, culture and arts opportunities.” 

Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald, leader of Peterborough City Council, said: "The Masterplan will be led by independent consultants and will look at all options for this area, including the potential of relocating the Peterborough United ground onto part of this land. 

"We support the club's venture to find a new site in the city, but crucially no decisions have been made yet and it's important that this process is independent, transparent and involving all key stakeholders. This is why I've requested that a copy of the MoU has been published for all to see."