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Business woman Sam Day swapped fear for success after cancer diagnosis

Peterborough woman Sam Day, 49, threw herself into her business after being hit with a challenging diagnosis.
Sam Day
Sam built up her business after suffering with a chronic illness (photo: Lorraine Clarke)

Sam Day of Willow Holt, Peterborough, has inspired co-workers with her passion to fight through her illness and launch her own business. 

After being diagnosed with post viral chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and sleep apnoea aged 39 and breast cancer aged 46, the mother-of-three says she felt "lost". 

She said: "Since hitting my mid-thirties, my health started to decline and I caught every virus going – I was constantly ill.

"Basic tasks were exhausting, just taking a shower used up all of my energy and I spent a large chunk of my days alone, in pain, weak and very depressed.

"It was as though life carried on without me and all seemed lost, I grieved for the person I once was." 

Sam was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 46, and although she was cancer-free after 12 months of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, she was exhausted from the side effects. 

Spending a lot of time at home, she searched for alternative health solutions and came across CBD online.

She said: "CBD may be popular now, and many people speak of its benefits, but eight years ago, nobody had really heard of it."

Sam continued: "I came across CBD, a natural remedy with glowing recommendations. I had my reservations, but I bought some from a company that had full lab reports, was organic and reputable.

"Within a week of taking just a few drops of oil per day, I felt like a completely different person.

"I was running errands, spending time with my children, cooking dinner and sleeping better, with no pain. My energy returned and my depression disappeared."

With such a strong passion and belief in CBD and hemp, she wanted to share the benefits that this natural product had given her.

As a result, she launched her own business – Hapi Hemp – in February 2019. 

Sam now has much to look forward to. Her health has improved dramatically and her outlook is positive.

She said: "If someone had said to me three years ago that I would be running a new business, home-schooling one of my children and meeting up with people all over the country, I would have thought they were out of their mind.

"Sometimes I have to remind myself that even with CBD oil I still can't do what I did in my twenties, but it's a great feeling to know that I can live my life again."