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Carly's goodbye! I'm leaving my team at PM, but it's been amazing

After starting my role at Peterborough Matters in January 2020, today is officially my last day before I start my new job on Monday at Daily Star Online as a Showbiz Reporter.
Carly goodbye
My goodbye! I'm leaving my wonderful team at Peterborough Matters

Normally I'm flaunting the news that a new restaurant or club is opening (the last month has been amazing for that by the way!), but now I'm telling you all that I'm leaving instead. 

When I started this job over a year and a half ago, I didn't know what to expect. We were coming up with fantastic ideas, but sadly, the pandemic put a lot of that on pause, so trust me when I say that you should expect big things to come from the PM team over the next few months, I just won't be a part of it unfortunately.

You see, I'm not leaving for any reasons that reflect badly on PM, it's actually Covid-19 related (kind of). When I left university, I was lucky enough to fall into my dream job (and what others would describe as their worst nightmare, here's looking at you, John.) at Daily Star Online doing Showbiz reporting. 

Sadly, because I wanted to remain in Peterborough rather than move to London, the travel paired with the shifts I was doing made the job more and more unattainable, and I thought I couldn't be a journalist anymore, so I went to a content company. 

Mere months into the content company, a job ad came up for PM, it spoke to me! I quickly applied and I was so happy to be accepted, and I have been happy! The only reason that I'm leaving is because obviously I have missed showbiz, but, luckily, I can return to it and work from home now, which is a dream come true for me. 

However, I have got to leave behind my team in order to do it, if I could work at both places, I would, trust me! I'm passionate about Peterborough, and I'm passionate about Peterborough Matters, but I know my wonderful team will continue to shed light on not only important issues, but the positive aspects of the city, like the new businesses. 

Not only will I miss my team members, but I'll also miss the PRs and people that I have worked with! I am so grateful to the number of businesses I have met with due to this job. I now have a go-to cake lady who I adore, all because of our launch event! I will forever use The Lightbox Cafe, because they hosted us so willingly for so long and gave us a space to work (and filled us with bacon sarnies). 

Just this week I was moaning to my colleagues that I was "so jealous", because I had been invited to the opening of the new club, and to a new restaurant, and I would be unable to go! (Of course I can go, I just have to go for leisure, rather than for work.) 

You may have noticed, if you read my articles, that a lot of the new food, retail and drinks places that are coming to Peterborough will be written by me. Why? Because I love it. It's my favourite thing to write about in Peterborough, because I have so much faith that this city is on the up. 

We've lost John Lewis, but I don't think that's the end of Queensgate. I trust that Paul Bristow will continue to push for us to be better, and I trust that Peterborough Positive and the BID will also bring great things to the city. 

There have been highs and lows, but I've learned a lot about myself, and I've learned a lot about journalism! There have been times where (poor John) has had to ring me and remind me that those big bold red letters that say embargoed need to be read (I know what an embargo is, but apparently, on that day, my brain didn't). 

I have learned a lot from John, Shar and Charlotte, we all bring something different to the team, though I have to say if there is anything I have noticed learned from me, it's John picking up my phrase "you do you", he's just lucky he hasn't also picked up the "boo" which I normally add on at the end. 

Leaving will be weird. It'll be odd to not see Shar's eyes slowly lose your gaze and move over to the window when she hears a siren in the city centre, it'll be weird not dragging Charlotte to peer inside Bill's to find out what's going on, and it'll be even weirder not hearing John's stories about how he thinks he might have broken his back from making a slide out of his stairs with his daughter. 

The weirdest thing, will be not hearing the latest news about Peterborough first, but it's okay, I'm subscribed to the Peterborough Matters newsletter, so I'll get it! (As my final parting push, subscribe to the newsletter for the latest local info!)