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Coldplace's new 2022 show coming to Peterborough

Get set for the new production for 2022 from Coldplace, the 'world’s leading tribute to Coldplay', at The Cresset on March 6
Coldplace coming to Peterborough 2022

If you haven’t been lucky enough to secure tickets to a Coldplay show next year, then come along to a Coldplace show instead for the next best thing.

The band have been busy working behind the scenes to perfect their brand new production, which they will be showcasing in 2022 to their fans on their biggest ever UK theatre tour.

“We’ve been busy studying the brand new Coldplay sets and have also had a chat with Phil Harvey from Coldplay about their new style and the brand new tracks,” said Shane Crofts, frontman of Coldplace. “He’s really looking forward to seeing our interpretation of Coloratura, as it’s such a long song.”

If you thought their last production of ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ was colourful, then their new show is shaping up to be even more visual and explosive.

“We don’t want to give too much away, but we can say that there will be even more lasers on stage and lots of flashing lights on our instruments,” continues Shane.

“We will be using the Xylobands that Coldplay uses, as they really do give the edge to the show, and they will look even more amazing alongside all the extra lights we’re using too.”

“It’s going to be our biggest challenge yet to recreate their show, as it’s such a big atmosphere in a small intimate environment in the theatres. However, we are confident that Coldplay will be pleased with the result.”

Coldplay’s new album, ‘Music of the Spheres’, incorporates a range of different genres, from tracks with a more pop sound, such as ‘My Universe’ with BTS, to those which have a raw guitar and rocky edge, as does ‘People of the Pride’.

“I must admit that when I first listened to the new album, I thought it was very different, and it took me a few listens to get my head round it. Now I understand the music, I absolutely love it, as there is so much variation in there. It really does feel like you are exploring all the different planets with the different styles of the tracks. I can’t wait to perform ‘People of the Pride’ especially,” continues Shane.

To purchase tickets from £24, click here