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'Cuckooing' victim supported by police during drug search

Peterborough police rescued a ‘cuckooing’ victim during a drug search, it has been revealed.
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Peterborough police support 'cuckooing' victim during drug search.

Officers carried out a warrant in connection with the supply of drugs on Monday morning.

No drugs were recovered during the operation, however, a man identified as a victim of cuckooing was supported by the officers. 

Cuckooing is a tactic frequently used by county lines drug dealers. 

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: “The dealers, who are often from outside of Cambridgeshire, will target the homes of vulnerable people and use it as their ‘hub’ to deal drugs from while they are in the county before moving on to somewhere else. 

"It is something we have seen increasingly frequently over the last few years as a tactic used by county lines drug dealers

“In this case, the victim will be supported and safeguarded against further exploitation. 

"To help us keep our communities safe, please look out for common signs of drug dealing and let us know if you see anything suspicious. “ 

You can report online or call us on 101.